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EVBOX Elvi Charging Station Black 7.4kW to 22kW WiFi + kWh meter + UMTS (4G)

Third Rock Energy

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Elvi charging station from EVbox is designed to be the only charging station you will ever need! Here's why...

  • Capacity to charge between 3.7 KW to 22 kW means that this unit can be used at home on single phase supply or at business premises with a 3 phase electricity supply.
  • The unit is un-tethered which means you can use this charging station with any kind of EV charging cable.
  • Easy to use, install, and upgrade with modular, click-on features
  • Compatible with every electric car—now and in the future
  • DC Leakage Protection

Key features

  • WiFi + kWh meter + UMTS
  • kWh meter & real-time insights
  • Upgradeable power capacity
  • Safe and fast
  • Realtime insights and full control
  • Reimbursement of charging costs
  • Load balancing
  • Plug and charge (Autostart)
  • Durable
  • Always connected
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy installation with the EVBox Connect app
  • Dynamic load balancing compatibility


With the Hey EVBox app and software, you can track and manage charging right from your smartphone or computer. Whether you have a single charging point at home or multiple charging points at your business, Hey EVBox makes charging easy and efficient.

Hey EVBox APP lets you:

  • Manage the settlement and reimbursement of charging costs

  • Track all active charging sessions and control charging remotely

  • Balance power consumption between charging stations and other appliances

  • Add an unlimited number of users and charging stations to your account

Note: Elvi charging stations can charge at 32 A; however, actual charging capacity is dependent on local environmental conditions and internal temperature build up.