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Type 2 to Type 2, Premium 3 Phase, Faster EV Charging Cable, 32A, 22KW, 3 Metre

3 Phase FASTER charging

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2 Year Warranty

Premium Charging Cables

32A, 380V, 22kW three phase, 2 year warranty


Three-phase cables are designed for use anywhere you can access an EV charging station. When using public charging stations with a three-phase supply, these cables will usually charge your vehicle four times faster than a UK 3 pin plug in charger and twice as fast as a 7.4kW single-phase cable. However, this will depend on the type of vehicle you own.

Before purchasing... Check which connection Type your car needs?

Type 1 Vehicles – These vehicles will have 5 connection points plus one clip in connection above.

Type 2 Vehicles – These vehicles will have 7 connection points

As a final check, please see the close-up images of the connection on this listing which you can compare to your vehicles charging socket.

Please see below some examples of charging speeds based on various vehicle battery sizes and the speed of your cable. This is provided as a guide only.

                                        22kW cable

13.8kWh Vehicle            4 hrs     

40kWh Vehicle               6 hrs     

75kWh Vehicle               5 hrs