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Type 2 EV Portable Charger 6A - 13A Variable, 3kW, 7 Metre, UK 3 Pin Plug

Third Rock Energy

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VAT included

Type 2 Portable EV Charger | 6A to 13A Variable | 230V | 3kW | UK 3 Pin Plug

  • Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs with Type 2 or CCS2 inlets (IEC 62196-2)
  • Choice of 4 charging speeds: 6A, 8A, 10A, 13A
  • Built-in Type B RCD protection: Type A + 6mA DC
  • LCD screen with real-time charging data
  • Delayed start time by up to 12 hours
  • IP67 dust and waterproof protection
  • CE and TUV certified
  • 2 year warranty*
  • Free carry bag
  • Datasheet PDF

Portable plug-in chargers are designed for your convenience allowing you to charge your vehicle just about anywhere using any UK 3 pin domestic plug socket. They operate as a simple plug and play. This portable charger has variable settings meaning you can select any speed you want between 6A and 13A at the click of a button.

Why do I need to charge at different speeds?

We all pay peak and off-peak rates for our electricity; if you charge at a slower pace during peak times such as 6 Amps, you will pay less for your electricity. Variable chargers are also useful when charging at a caravan park or when using solar power as they allow you to drop the charge to a low setting. 

* We are continually reviewing and evolving our EV charging solutions.  We are therefore pleased to confirm that this product was upgraded in September 2023, and as a result, the warranty has increased from 1 year to 2 years. This new product looks very different to the previous version. The images above showcase this new upgraded charger which now boasts an LCD screen, time-delay function, and a 2 year warranty for even greater peace of mind.

Before purchasing... which connection Type does your car need?

In Europe, Type 2 is the standard so most European cars will use Type 2 although watch out for older EU models that might be Type 1. Tesla also use Type 2. Japanese car brands were originally Type 1 but some of the newer models are now adopting Type 2. 

Please check which kind of connection your vehicle requires from the below options…

Type 1 Vehicles – These vehicles will have 5 connection points plus one clip-in connection above.

Type 2 Vehicles – These vehicles will have 7 connection points.

As a final check, please see the close-up images of the connection on this listing which you can compare to your vehicle's charging socket.

Charging speeds

Please see the below example of charging speeds based on the size of your vehicle battery and the speed of your cable. This is provided as a guide only.

3.0kW cable

13.8kWh Vehicle                   4.6 hrs

40kWh Vehicle                    13.3 hrs

75kWh Vehicle                       25 hrs



Please ensure that your charger is plugged directly into a 3 pin socket and the socket is earthed and connected to your mains supply. Please do not use extension cables as this will void your product warranty. Please ensure the 3 pin plug is kept dry at all times and if using outdoors please use a waterproof socket.  

*Please note that the warranty on this product was upgraded from 1 year to 2 years on 01/09/2023

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Type 2 EV Charger 7m

Good quality product. Useful information provided by the display. Variable charge rate setting is handy when used in combination with solar. I have been using this to charge until a home charger can be fitted, just takes a little longer. Very pleased.

Andrew Batty

Exact description and prompt delivery


Good product but would have liked for the lead from the 3pin plug to the charger to have been slightly longer also it could do with a bright coloured cable

tim larvin
Great service

They were extremely accommodating when I requested a fast tracked delivery.

L Foster
Great service from start to finish

Great service from start to finish. Quick delivery and constant updates. So nice to be kept informed